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Oil Immersed Starters

Salient Features

  • The contactor-assembly of the starters is mounted on a high quality cast-alloy housing. Oil tank and top cover are deep-drawn from CR sheet and fixed with the housing.
  • The housing, tank and cover are painted elegantly with electrostatic paint process after anti-corrosive phosphating treatment for smooth & everlasting finish, even under most humid atmospheric conditions.
  • Contacts are manufactured from electrolytic copper with high conductivity, which are silver coated to ensure smooth and life long operation of the starter.
  • Make & Break operation of the contacts is under oil for quick quenching of are, hence prolonging contact life span.
  • Starters are provided with either Bimetallic Thermal or Margnetic Overload Relay, with each relay individualy calibrated to ensure the safety of electric motors.
  • Each starter is strictly tested as per Bureau of Indian standard specifications-IS 13947 Part-1 & Part-4/sec-1, thus resulting in a quality product you can rely upon.



D.O.L Immersed Starter with Magnetic Relay

Type: MXMA
Range: 3HP to 20HP
Starters Type : MXMA are provided with Magnetic Overload Releases having adjustable Oil dash-pots which can be set for different percentage of motor full load currents. Its operation is independent of the ambient temperature. Hence the Starter is a reliable protection device against overloading and Single-phasing conditions.


D.O.L Oil Immersed Starter with Bimetallic Thermal Relay

Type: MXMA–1
Range: 1HP to 20HP
These Starters have Bimetallic Thermal Overload Relay with adjustable current setting as its safety device Relay can be set on different current settings depending upon the fully load current of the motor. Relay is compensated for the increase or decrease in ambient temperature so that it can invariably trip the starter in all weather conditions under abnormal conditions such as overloading & Single-Phasing.


Hand Operated Star-Delta Oil Immersed Starter with Magnetic Relay

Type: MXMA 5-50
Range: 5HP to 50 HP
Star to Delta Operation is accomplished with the help of a robust handle in this type of starter. Magnetic Overload Relay is provided for complete protection of the electric motor. Starters in rating 30HP to 50HP are housed in pedestal back body for convenient entry of cables.


Semi-Automatic Star-Delta Oil-Immersed starter with Bimetallic Thermal Relay

Range: 5HP to 50HP
These Starters are operated with 3-push button systems, in which the third push button (Yellow) is used to change the motor running sequence from Star to Delta Bimetallic thermal overload Relay is fitted in these starters for protection against overloading and Single Phasing problems.


Fully Automatic Star-Delta Oil Immersed Starter with Bimetallic Thermal Relay

Range: 5HP to 50HP
In these starts Start-Delta operation is an automatic one, which is accomplished with a Timer fitted inside the starter. The time period from Star to Delta can be adjusted between 7 to 15 sec. The Starter is provided with Bimetallic Thermal Relay for protection against Overloading & Single Phasing Conditions.