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Rewirable, Changeover, Distribution Unit



Rewirable Switch Fuse Units

Maxel SFUs are ideal for un-interrupted duty & repeated switching of power. Enclosures are made from special grade CRCA sheet-steel, which are Deep-drawn for 16 to 63 Amp & Fabricated for 100 & 200 Amp. and are duly phosphated prior to be powder coated, to ensure smooth & ever lasting finish against corrosive environmental conditions. Switches incorporate fully vitrified, hard paste glazed porcelain fuse units (Kit-Kats). Maxel Switch Fuse Units are robust in construction yet sleek in appearance, hence suitable for industrial, agricultural as well as domestic sectors
REF. SPECIFICATION :  1S: 10027/2000 & IS: 13947 Part- 3/1993
RANGE :  16 Amp To 32 Amp; 240 Volts AC (SPN & DP)
16 Amp To 200 Amp; 415 Volts AC

Salient Features

  • Quick make & break mechanism, independent of the speed of the operating handle to minimize arcing.
  • Live parts are made of high conductivity copper & brass, which are silver/nickel plated for longer life & lower watt loss.
  • Fool-proof interlocking mechanism to avoid accidental opening of cover while switch is in ON position.
  • Live parts are fully shrouded with switch having peak load breaking capacity on manual operations.
  • Switch fuse units are tested as per BIS specifications- IS 13947 Part-1 & 3, under utilization category AC-22A and porcelain fuse units as per IS 2086 to ensure a reliable & quality product.
  • Conversion from rewirable type to HRC/HBC type fuse & vice-versa is possible simply replacing the fuse carrier.


Change-Over Switches

Maxel Changeover Switches are ideal & conventional way to switch power supply from one source to the other with reliability, which can be used in industrial as well as domestic installations. The switches are of surface mounting type.
REF. SPECIFICATION :  IS: 13947 Part-3/1993
RANGE :  16 Amp. & 32 Amp. ; 240 Volts AC (DP)
16 Amp. To 63 Amp. ; 415 Volts AC (DP, TP & FP)
100 Amp. & 200 Amp. ; 415 Volts AC (TP)

Salient Features

  • Totally enclosed sturdy CRCA sheet-steel & elegantly powder coated body.
  • Electrolytic copper contacts, which are silver plated to ensure high conductivity & low watt loss.
  • Ample space for wiring and maintenance.
  • Terminals suitable both for aluminium & copper conductors of solid, stranded types.


Distribution Boards

Maxel Distribution Fuse Boards are designed for power distribution with reliability. Boards are ideal for use in domestic domestic & industrial installations.
REF. SPECIFICATION :  IS: 13947 Part-3/1983
RANGE :  16 Amp & 32 Amp. ; 240 Volts AC ; SP&N (2-WAYS TO 10WAYS)
16 Amp. To 63 Amp ; 415 Volts AC ; TP&N (2-WAYS TO 10 WAYS)

Salient Features

  • Sturdy CRCA sheet-steel & powder coated enclosures.
  • Excellent quality Fuse Units with electrolytic contacts.
  • All outgoing ways/phases are fuse protected.
  • Boards are available with Rewirable and/or HRC Type fuse units.


Porcelain Fuse Units (Kit - Kats)

Maxel Fuse Units are a reliable way to protect electrical circuits, either used individually, in control panels or in Switch fuse units. The body of fuse units is made from fully vitrified, hard paste glazed Porcelain.
RANGE :  16 Amp. & 32 Amp. ; 240 Volts AC
16 Amp. To 500 Amp. ; 415 Volts AC

Salient Features

  • Silver plated electrolytic copper contacts for better conductivity & low watt loss.
  • Fuse units of rating 100 Amp. & above are available with extended connection strips also, to facilitate thimble connections.
  • Fuse units for HRC Fuses are also available.